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Rob Koch is a developer who worked in the software/web industry for 10+ years upon graduating with an Economics & Finance major. Started out with Microsoft Visual Basic 4 and at the time when we had to decide between 16-bit or 32-bit? (remember those days?!?). Went with 32-bit, of course, and never looked back. Been working with Microsoft SQL Server ever since it split from the Sybase code base.

These days Rob is working for a marketing firm and churning out websites on nearly a daily basis. His platform of choice is ASP.NET and prefers coding in languages such as C# & Javascript supported by XHTML & CSS. PHP/MySQL regardless of platforms certainly has a place in Rob's bag of tricks.

Rob has a wonderfully sweet wife who is supportive of him and his career. After being married for quite a while, we have a son who is now over a year-old. We're glad we waited and now cannot imagine life without him!

Rob's desire is working on a Web 2.0/Ajax application that would certainly rock the world such as Google, Flickr, Basecamp, and the such.

If you need a jack of all trades, whether a software programmer, web developer, and/or some database work done, do get in touch through my contact form.