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Robert Koch
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BACKGROUND SUMMARY SOFTWARE & WEB DEVELOPER/MANAGER with strong expertise in software and web development and project management. Technical knowledge spans security, rapid application development, databases, network, and technology infrastructure. Experience in management and development of in-house software and implementing a third-party application. Ability to direct projects from concept to fully-operational status. Related areas of expertise are:
* Marketing
* Financial Analysis
* Productivity Improvement
* Re-engineering
* Quality Control

* ASP.NET (5 years)
* C#/VB.NET (5 years)
* Microsoft SQL Server (11 years)
* Visual Basic (8 years)
* PHP (2 years)
* JavaScript (5 years)
* XHTML/CSS/HTML (4 years)
* Crystal Reports (11 years)
* Lotus Notes/Script 4 & 5 (4 years)


SEE ROB CODE Highlands Ranch, CO 2006-present

Technology Consultant
* Manage projects, big and small, with a small team of developers for over 10+ clients.
* Handle client requests with scheduled work and on an as-needed basis.
* Actively code in Microsoft and open-source environments: ASP.NET 2.0, SQL Server 2005, Visual Basic, & PHP/MySQL.

CSD CONTACT CENTERS Sioux Falls, SD 2004-2005

Product Manager
* Currently manage & code all development projects of web-based products (ASP.NET, ASP, JSP).
* Part of the marketing team involved with strategic planning.
* Participated in coordinating a new network infrastructure.
* Liaison to the Information Technology group.

CSD Sioux Falls, SD 2003-2004

Project Manager, Information Technology (2004)
* Researched and implemented technical solutions to improve productivity replacing paper-intensive processes.
* Primary point of contact with IT contractors.
* Documented Information Technology business processes in order to finalize the Standard Operating Procedures.
* Developed a project request procedure. Took on role as DBA.

Senior Web Programmer, Marketing (2003 to 2004)
* Developed internal and external websites all using ASP.NET assisting the graphics team.
* Implemented and customized content management system.

MMTG San Francisco, CA 1999-2003

Technical Consultant, Deaf & Disabled Telecommunication Program (2003)
* Supported the implementation and outreach for the webcam distribution trial for deaf and hard of hearing Californians.
* Provided technical support in networking, hardware, and software issues.

Senior Contract Developer, City & County of San Francisco (1999 to 2002)
* Independently architectured, developed, and implemented client-server applications using Visual Basic & SQL Server. Highlights:
* State-mandated reports & forms integrated in applications.
* Enhanced client-server application to reduce processing time assigning job training cases.
* Sped up deliveries and increased workers accountability by developing a case tracking & reporting system. Allows case workers to see where case files are at all times.

Contract Programmer, Sugo Music (2001)
* Developed, maintained, and enhanced client-server systems and developed web-based reports. Highlights:
* Created ad-hoc queries from Epicor CRM
* Fine-tuned Microsoft Access application reducing batch processing times by 50%.
* Developed client-server data entry system for integration with existing statistical analysis program.
* Compiled users' preferred songs and using a pre-defined algorithm, made web-based reports using Actuate'seReporting Server.

Contract Programmer, San Francisco International Airport (1999)
* Maintained and enhanced a Microsoft Access-developed application.
* Reduced research times in tracking wage and experience levels of construction workers to ensure equality in pay related to level of experience.
* Improved report generation response times 25% by optimizing queries.

PRUDENTIAL FINANCIAL Florham Park, NJ & Fort Washington, PA 1993-1999

Security Administrator, Fort Washington, PA (1999)
* Implemented and enforced newly established then-new standards in security on all Prudential Financial systems.
* Communicated with each development unit within the company to ensure application security compliance.

Business Analyst, Florham Park, NJ (1994-1999)
* Established a business reconciliation and auditing process using Microsoft SQL Server and CheckFree Recon-Plus.
* Analyzed and researched requirements for consolidation of 20+ disbursement systems into one.
* Designed check stubs still in use today.
* Reduced business process by cutting 75% of the time it takes to calculate benefits allocated to retirement plans.

* Prudential Financial, Florham Park, NJ (1993)
* Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton, Washington, D.C. (1992)
* Securities & Exchange Commission, Washington, D.C. (1991)

Education & Certification
B.S. Summa cum laude, Economics & Finance, Gallaudet University, Washington, D.C.
Certified Lotus Specialist, Application Development